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Professional Translation Services

Our language services include translation of documentation from French into English or English into French.

Translation is specialised work which should only be done by duly qualified and experienced professionals. You can rest assured that your documents will be translated by a qualified French translator, proofread and edited before delivery. You will receive a clear indication of how soon the translation will be completed while deadlines are strictly adhered to.

Absolute confidentiality is assured, as the content of your documents will never be divulged to third parties.

Our rates are calculated according to the volume of work , based on the word count, the level of difficulty and the urgency of the document. The cost per word can thus be anything between R0.95 and R1.40 (€0.09 – €0.13).

In order to obtain a formal quotation and an idea of turnaround time, please submit your document for evaluation, via e-mail or by using the online uploading facility.

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French Translator