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Personal Documentation and Certificates

Whether you require personal documentation issued in South Africa to be translated from English into French for administrative purposes in French-speaking countries, or if alternatively, you need personal documentation in French to be translated into English for the South African authorities – we can help you!

This type of translation generally needs to be a “sworn translation” which means the work must be done according to specific requirements by a sworn translator appointed by and registered with the South African High Court.

For official purposes it is generally required that the sworn translator can issue a translation certificate stating that the translation is a “true and correct translation of an original document” and in order to be able to state this, the translator must have seen the original document

You can be assured your original documents will be handled with care. However, in the event you feel you would rather keep the originals, a good quality colour copy or scan can be used for processing, on condition you are able to present the original document upon collection of the original translation.

Rates for sworn translation are on average R300 per document or certificate, while the rate for a translation certificate is R50 and these are payable upon collection.

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French Translator